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YouFind SEO – Increase Sales of Your Business Greatly at You Find Limited

How far are you away from selling out your products or services? Two steps, drive visitors to your website and show them what you are providing. It sounds easy but that’s not true unless you keep reading and know about You Find Limited, who will increase the traffic to your website by 104% or higher with YouFind SEO service.

Given the fact that ecommerce giants are charging high commission, it is a good choice to run your own business on an independent website where people will pay you directly. However, a pressing question is how to drive traffic to your website. Millions of consumers are using Google to look for products or services every day and what you need to do it having yours in front of your direct competitors or even your peers on eBay, because it is reported that people are more inclined to click a search result than a shopping ad. In short, there is a great chance to promote your business greatly as long as you know how to play the ranking game with the help of SEO and SEM. For the purpose, it would be great to have a master aside like YouFind SEO.

What Are SEO and SEM and How Great Will They Benefit Your Business?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process of maximizing the number of visitors to a website by ranking the site high in the search results returned by a search engine. Why does it matter to have your website appearing high in the list of search results? According to You Find Limited, the traffic share of the first position can be up to 33%, while the second position gets about 15% of share, only 9% for the third position and much smaller share for results after number 5. Therefore, don’t get surprised at the low yet gentle curve of daily page views if your main key words rank on the second or third pages on Google search results, which means SEO could make the curve steeper upwards.

With the knowledge of SEO, it is easier to understand SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Basically, the aim of SEM is also to promote a website by increasing its visibility in search engine results pages. In addition to the optimization included in SEO, however, SEM also contains the approach of paid search, such as pay per click (PPC) and advertisements. By choosing a proper SEM management service as handy as You Find Limited SEO, you will get the following insights over your website so that you know exactly how to improve the business:

Impressions — How many times your ad was visible on a screen.

CPC (cost-per-click) — How much you pay when someone clicks your ad

CPM (Cost per million impressions) — Another way to pay for a search ad.

CTR (click through rate) — the number of clicks you got to your website from people that saw the ad, even if they didn’t click on the actual ad.

Simply, SEM is the extension of SEO that should match with your marketing strategy. You can apply SEO before SEM or both of them at the same time, but most of times we call the whole process “search engine marketing”.

YouFind SEO – The Best SEO Service for All Businesses

Getting excited at the power of SEO? You should be noted that SEO is a process of a long-term work. It may not show its power within a couple of days, but its effect will last for a long time once you build it up properly. If you have unlimited time to try, feel free to start it by yourself. There will be bittersweet on your road, though the final result is not surely satisfying. Otherwise, a reliable SEO specialist or agency is a more cost-effective choice for boosting your business with effect-guarantee in a comparatively short time.

YouFind is an interactive digital marketing agency with ten years of professional experience. It consists of a team of passionate marketers who have delivered online solutions to over 1000 brands from Hongkong, China and all area in the world to fulfill their online marketing strategy. You Find Limited provides a complete range of tools and services from Search engine marketing (SEO & SEM) and Web Analytics to Blogging, Social media marketing, etc.

Contact YouFind Now to Receive Analysis Reports

AdWords performance audit: SEM and SEO performance audit through real-time analysis using YouFind SEO Analytics.

Competitor analysis report: Want to reach your potential customers before your competitors do? YouFind SEO will compare your online presence with your competitors.

Customer Case – How Did You Find Limited Help Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is a world-renowned investment banking company headquartered in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the official website of this international company experienced GEO block which caused zero search visibility. Facing with the stiff competition in Hong Kong market, Goldman Sachs was going to fall behind its competitors who were enjoying the benefits of search engine marketing.

You Find Limited finally solved the disaster of GEO block with the cached results of Goldman Sachs in search engine jumping from 0 to 1,780 in 2 months. The traffic to the client’s website surged from original average of 800 – 1,000 users to 3,000 – 4,000 users, resulting in the closed gap between Goldman Sachs and its key competitors in terms of organic traffic. Accordingly, 156 search results reached 104% of KPI since over 45% of the all results are ranked the first page.


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