Where to find wooden pallets for free?

Here are some ways to easily find free palettes.

The realization of furniture in pallets is more and more in fashion and they are more and more easy to manufacture, to find pallets it is a little more complicated.

Here are the places likely to provide you for free:

Supermarkets :

Many products arrive on pallets, ask at reception or at the depot for their day of delivery. Also ask if it is possible to recover and how much.

Drop the DIY signs, they now also sell pallets for decoration. They will not agree to leave them for free.

Construction sites :

Ditto that for large areas, the risk is to have pallets in poor condition or stained because of concrete blocks or cement.

Local shops:

Seller of household appliances, computer equipment, garden center. Come see them at the end of the day before closing.

Industrial zones:

Large pallet users. Finding the right contact is more complicated, however. Also watch out for chemicals that may have spilled on the pallets.

In the street :

There are still some bulky pickups in some municipalities. The ideal is to come before them. As a bonus you can even collect objects to recycle or repair. And also objects in working order and that can still be used.

The recycling centers:

In principle, it is forbidden to collect objects from a recycling center. But you can try to make friends with an employee.

The other solution is to be there when another person throws it out and collect it before it is in the bucket.


Always provide a suitable vehicle to transport your pallets as well as straps and tensioners to attach them.

Also provide gloves for handling.

Some info on the format of pallets and the chemical treatments they can undergo.

90% of the pallets you will find are so-called “europe” pallets, they measure 120 cm by 80 cm.

They weigh around 30 Kg, they are very often consigned

Then you can find formats of:

100 X 120, 120 X 120, 60 X 80.

Prefer single use or so-called lost pallets, the finest and lightest they are not processed.

The European pallets are necessarily treated, to avoid the spread of problematic insects or fungi (ISPM 15 standard).

the pallets are placed in large ovens, the wood is heated to 60 ° C (heart) at least 30 minutes. The pallets are then dried (for 1 to 2 days) to reach 22% maximum humidity. This process removes up to 8 liters of water per pallet. This phytosanitary treatment is very healthy, non-polluting, it strengthens the wood.
To recognize this treatment, you must look at the cartridge that is located between the EUR and EPAL logos and look for the acronym HT (Heat Treatment).

Treatment with fumigation with toxic methyl bromide (MB) has been completely prohibited since March 18, 2010. It is a decision of the European Union which applies to all types of pallets and packaging . Most manufacturers having anticipated this ban, it is now very rare to be confronted with these pallets. However, to recognize a EUR EPAL palette treated with methyl bromide, you must look on the cartridge for the acronym MB (methyl bromyde).

The bottom line: Banish the red, blue or brown color palettes.

Need a tool to dismantle your pallets? Check out this article.

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