SpaceX: Elon Musk Reveals Start Date for Starlink, the Revolutionary Satellite Internet Service

SpaceX, founded in 2002, designs, manufactures and launches high-level rockets and spacecraft. The CEO of the company indicated the lighting days of the controversial satellites that will revolutionize the use and coverage of the global Internet.

Despite the discouraging situation in the world due to the coronavirus, everything seems to indicate that the ambitious SpaceX project does not plan to back down. Elon Musk, a South African magnate and CEO of the aerospace transport company, has decided to reveal the dates when Starlink satellites will be powered on for the first time. These devices launched into Earth orbit will be responsible for supporting the first satellite internet service in history.

Through his official Twitter account, the executive answered the question of a user interested in his plan and, above all, the dates when it will finally be tested. Musk responded that the satellites would begin providing coverage during a closed trial period within 3 months. This private beta will last about six months, and then an open beta will begin to expand the number of people participating.

In this way, SpaceX continues its programming plan intact, as demonstrated, when he launched 60 satellites over the Starlink Project for space in a successful operation, thus adding about 420 items in the orbit of the Earth to test the experimental service. According to Musk’s management, these satellites are already fully operational and await the firing order that would be arriving in the near future.

However, the also founder of Tesla warns that the service will give priority to the high latitudes of the Earth, so it will be these areas of the northern hemisphere of our planet that will be a priority for the revolutionary satellite Internet. Despite the large number of devices that the Musk company has managed to position in space, SpaceX is still far from finishing its huge project that aims to place at least 42,000 satellites to offer quality service.

The great advantage that SpaceX has both technologically and financially has led it to leave other telecommunications giants behind in the race to achieve the first satellite Internet service on the planet. Its rockets, designed with a reusable function, are the instruments necessary to carry out a large-scale project that optimally involves Earth and outer space.

The Starlink controversy

Even if it is one of the most successful plans in the field of astronomy today, not everything is happiness with Starlink. The society of astronomers and nature protectors have shown their discomfort with the actions of SpaceX because such a number of satellites at a close distance from Earth would visually contaminate the night sky of our planet, making it challenging to study celestial bodies from the land surface.

“I saw that train, and it was certainly very spectacular. These videos lead to the conclusion that if several thousand of these [satellites] are launched, the appearance of the night sky will change,” said Dutch astronomer Cees Bassa in an interview with The Guardian about the fate of nights and mega constellations that appear during them.

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