Quarantine: 8 hobbies to take advantage of

What can we do to make the most of the time these weeks, making the days pass in a pleasant and useful way? The days of confinement are here to stay. We helplessly assist the illness and death of hundreds of people, and we see that there are economic crises. But you have to make a positive sense of waiting.

They are days to try to avoid arguments and look for what unites us, to rest while doing pleasant tasks that stimulate our spirit and good senses. We have the opportunity to go back to simple things, slow procedures, and family traditions.

Let’s remember the number of times we have wanted to stop, rest, organize. Let’s enjoy our space and time without anguish. Let us resume the relationship with old friends -even if virtually-, with members of our family and with our own conscience.

1) Update technology training.

For those who need to catch the technology train again, as well as for those who choose to stride or specialize in new programs that may be useful in their professions or hobbies, there is a wide variety of online courses, with and without payment, as well as demonstration videos. This is the time to catch up.

2) Change the decoration of the living room or rooms

Refreshing the house is adapting it to new needs and giving it a refreshed touch. It is time to create a good reading corner if you do not already have it, to rearrange armchairs and furniture in the living room, or to place the bluetooth speaker in a corner of the room chosen to listen to music.

3) Do not miss the opportunity to take a relaxing bath a day

The hectic day to day life duties does not allow us to have this pleasure. Let’s turn the bathroom into a home spa, read paper books as we dive, listen to your favorite music, and enjoy the scent of scented candles.

4) Sort the library

Whoever has a library will surely have to update the order of books, by date, subject, or type of publication. It is always a pleasure to find forgotten volumes that now tell us something different from what they told us the last time we opened them. Those without a personal library can put their books in order in any of the rooms, even if they are stacked vertically on the floor. The books, so grateful, will warm the house and make it more welcoming.

5) Start writing

Writing a book or article is a dream of many people who have not yet done so. This is the ideal time to do it. In addition to multiple videos with tips on this, there are books online and on Kindle with very useful instructions for those who do not want to be guided simply by their intuition.

6) Learn various cooking dishes

For those who don’t cook, it’s the perfect occasion to start with a couple of simple recipes. The little ones will be able to practice new or complicated recipes, while it is an ideal time for children to make cakes, cookies, or pancakes with cream. Converting the office or kitchen into the family Masterchef will have great rewards.

7) Sort the pantry

It is usually one of the least easy areas to keep in order, especially now that most of us have acquired a good quarry of cans and long-lasting products. This is the golden opportunity to leave your shelves “grinding”, differentiating between different types of products and even creating a visibly pleasant space.

8) Polishing or repainting the entrance door

The front door, the one that receives us every day and separates us from the rest of the world, deserves a coat of paint or a good cleaning of its iron or brass pieces. It will be satisfying to see the work done once our entrance looks flawless.

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