Manufacturing a composter with pallets.

In anticipation of the next sunny days, here is a tutorial on how to make a composter with recovery pallets.

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You will need about 5 pallets to make a composter and 9 to make a double.

Your pallets must be untreated. They must have a natural wood color.

Each board must be dismantled using this tool and sanded to remove splinters and other roughness.

You need 20 pallet boards for a single composter and 35 pallet boards if you want to make a double composter.

1 single composter measures 1 meter X 1 meter X 1 meter. Or 1 cubic meter.

1 double composter measures 2 meters X 1 meter X 1 meter. Or 2 cubic meters.

They do not have a bottom on the ground, to be able to easily turn over your compost. They also do not have a roof to take advantage of the rays of the sun and the rain.

The front boards are retractable so that you can easily take your compost.

You also need a 30 mm long screw box.

The advantage of the double composter is to be able to turn your compost from time to time and to have room to start a second compost until the first matures.

Start at the back of the composter and then assemble the side boards.

montage composteur

I show you images of my plans because I did not take enough photos during the editing.

Once your three sides assembled, add the boards that will be used to hold the front boards.

Leave the thickness of a board + 5 mm between your guides.

You can now slide your 5 front planks.

Voila, you just have to put it in place

For a duplicate, repeat the manufacturing operations of the bottom, one side and the guides.

If you want to varnish or stain it, do it only outside. The products contained in the stain and varnishes could mix with the compost.

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