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How to place your elephant in your home?

Aristotle said “the elephant is the beast that surpasses all others by intelligence and
the mind ”
The elephant is an extremely harmonious symbol in accordance with Feng Shui. It is
a beautiful animal, majestic, calm and with calm strength.
But what is the meaning of this symbolism in its positioning in your
Here are some tips for getting it to you.
● To boost the fertility of your couple you need an elephant trunk down and
place it in your room.
● An elephant with the trunk in the air will bring you luck and happiness for you
will have to be placed in the southwest
● At the entrance of your home he will protect her and its inhabitants
● This big pachyderm is also known for intelligence and wisdom it will be
beneficial in your toddler’s room to ensure the smooth running of
his learning.
● Put them in pairs anywhere in your home, you will attract
love and loyalty.
● Silver in color, it is ideal for the northwest sector, that is to say the
sector of the father, the mentor who can feel supported thanks to this one.
● East sector, they symbolize the unity and strength of the family
● Liaison between mother and child place a statue of a mother elephant and her baby
to strengthen your bond.
● An elephant at the door of his office or workplace will protect you from
bad energies there may be in your business.
● Placed on your desk outside to symbolize intelligence of
the environment and release the pressure.
You have to use the elephants in pairs, because they represent the couple and you should not
to separate two beings.
The choice is never obvious but you really have to look for your Decoration items
Feng Shui elephant in the right place, professionals list dozens of objects to
this subject.

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