These are the 10 highest paid athletes in the world

Mike Trout has signed what is so far the longest contract for an active athlete. The American has signed a 12-year, $ 430 million commitment to the Los Angeles Angels. The player was free in 2020 and thus has extended his contract in a decade with the Los Angeles team. Trout will, therefore, receive around 35 million euros a year, which brings him closer to the TOP10 of the highest paid athletes.

You probably wondered how much all of your favorite athletes are worth and who comes out on top. That’s why we put together a list of the 10 richest athletes in the world, with their estimates of net worth, and how they managed to earn so much money!

10. Mathew Stafford (NFL)

He is an American football quarterback of the Detroit Lions takes about 50 million euros a year.

9. Mathew Ryan (NFL)

Another Quarterback in this case of the Atlanta Falcons and is the highest paid in the American National Football League and earns $ 57.2 million a year.

8. Stephen Curry (NBA)

Thanks to the sponsorships that the Golden State Warriors star has obtained, he takes nearly 65 million euros a year. The official figure of his salary corresponds to 35 million of the total.

7. Roger Federer (Tennis)

The Swiss is a tennis player with the highest income per year. Last year he took nearly 15 million for his titles on the slopes, but his sponsorships bring him close to 66 million euros a year in income.

6. LeBron James (NBA)

The Cleveland Cavaliers disburse in the king of world basketball about 35 million euros a year to which must be added the prizes and sports bonuses that are listed and about 50 million euros in sponsorships. The total for James is 75 million euros.

5. Neymar (Soccer)

The Brazilian left Barça to feel important and to take a large sum of money. According to Forbes, the PSG striker stands at 76.5 million euros.

4. Conor McGregor (MMA)

The Irishman added nearly $ 100 million in profits last year from his fights. 85 million were because of his presence in the UFC and 14 more for sponsorships.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer)

The Portuguese took more than 100 million euros last year, thanks to his high salary with Real Madrid and the sports awards he achieved. Of course, CR7 is a machine for making advertising contracts, and half of its income comes from the firm with companies to which it lends its image.

2. Messi (Soccer)

The one considered the best player in history takes a year more than what CR7 achieves. Lionel Messi earns around 112 million euros, the vast majority thanks to his contract with FC Barcelona (Fútbol Club Barcelona).

1. Floyd Mayweather (Boxing)

The athlete who earns the most money per year is none other than one of the best fighters in boxing history. He earns doubles of Messi in income and takes $ 285 million, about 243 million euros, all because of his fighting, and a lot of money comes from sponsorships as well.

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