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Do you want to escape into space? NASA Offers Virtual Tours During Coronavirus Quarantine

The North American Space Agency proposes outer space as a new option to invest time during social isolation.

Due to the mandatory quarantine imposed by various countries of the world to stop the rapid advance of the coronavirus and its wave of terror, most companies have had to adapt their products and services to meet the new demands and restrictions that the people. NASA is not exempt from this trend due to the cessation of its activities by the COVID-19; it has introduced a new program that allows visiting some of its most iconic stations in space from home.

Through a publication on its official Twitter account, the North American Space Agency has presented “NASA at Home,” a new section hosted on its website that contains a variety of interesting material for users who are isolated in their respective homes, all related to the investigations that the entity carries out in stations located in space or in its bases distributed around planet Earth.

The existing multimedia content on this platform includes e-books, reports, scientific research, high-definition videos that include 4K resolution, podcasts (in English due to the origin of the institution), and the most striking: virtual and augmented reality tours. The locations that we can access using this feature range from common sites like an airplane pilot’s cabin to the spectacular International Space Station, interplanetary telescopes, and even 360 ° tours of vast outer space.

“We know that people everywhere, especially students, are looking for ways to get out of the house without leaving isolation. The agency has a way of looking at the sky and seeing itself in space, with our feet safely planted on the ground, but our imaginations are free to explore wherever we go. We have put that information to the reach of everyone, and we hope to take a few minutes to explore NASA at Home,” mentions Bettina Inclan, office manager of communications for the agency.

How to access the NASA at Home space tour?

To access this amazing journey to the stars, we must follow a series of simple steps from our preferred web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, among others. Once a page of this program is opened, we will use the following link to go to the NASA at Home website. Once there, we will proceed as follows:

  1. We select the option “Virtual Tours & Apps.”
  2. We scroll down the page until we find the option “Planets of Other Stars”.
  3. Once located, we click on the “Exoplanet Travel Bureau.”
  4. On the resulting page, we select the box that says “Explore the Galaxy”.
  5. We choose one of the available options by clicking on the direction arrows, and when we have found the desired one, we choose “Explore the Surface.”

It should be noted that some of the space tours are based on conceptual images made by artists based on the results of various investigations. The available destinations are the surface of exoplanets 55 Cancri e and TRAPPIST 1d, Kepler’s Moon 16b, and the extrasolar planet Kepler 186f with everything and atmosphere. You can click on the names of these celestial bodies to automatically go to 360 ° tours.

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