The kings of quarantine: Dating apps

Dating apps adapt to social isolation and succeed with thousands of users

Dating apps adapt to social

Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, and Blindlove have presented new functions that have given them a large following during the coronavirus situation.

Now that the coronavirus has made it impossible for people to gather on the streets, citizens of various cities around the world have been forced to retreat to their homes to safeguard their health, away from a lifestyle they were already accustomed to. In the midst of this critical situation, a curious group of programs for cell phones has begun to increase its popularity thanks to its adaptation to the reality that exists today: dating applications have returned and with force.

Dating apps

Contrary to what many would expect, these types of services have been able to implement new functions to their systems to offer ways of meeting people while being confined at home. Due to this, the number of registered users and downloads has seen a considerable increase since social isolation began in countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Japan, and the United States.


As internet traffic continues to increase, the popular dating app Tinder grows exponentially. The administration of this service revealed that the conversations have grown by 30% since the beginning of March, while the average duration of each one has also increased by 26%.

To crown the performance of the platform, the historical record of Swipes made was broken last month, exceeding 3,000 million around the world. Tinder’s success is summarized in the free release of its Passport function, which allows you to “match” people from all over the world by changing the location of your mobile, thus expanding the possibility of meeting people in other countries.

Meanwhile, Badoo has also seen a sudden surge in activity for its users. Through a press release, the company behind the application has indicated that “conversations between members of the app are longer and richer in content” in recent weeks.


In the case of Blindlove, the application has seen an increase in downloads, occupying the first place in the ranking of the Play Store and App Store in certain territories such as Argentina. “These days, we notice that there are more use and more users. Usually, Sundays are the days that the app is used the most, and now it would seem that every day is Sunday,” mentioned Federico Volinsky, CEO of the company.

Finally, Bumble is one of the most used applications to maintain contact with other people in New York, one of the cities in the United States most affected by the growing coronavirus epidemic. According to information provided by CNBS, the app presented a 23% increase in messages sent from this location.

In these times of social isolation, dating applications have begun a second reign because people need to be in constant communication with others while the quarantine lasts due to the coronavirus, which already accumulates about 2,942,575 cases and v deaths around the planet, affecting the economy of various countries seriously.

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