Cultivation of aloe Vera

How and why to grow aloe vera

Aloe vera is an easy plant to maintain and requires little care. Known for its beauty and its medicinal and cosmetic virtues, it transforms every home. It purifies the air by absorbing any formaldehydes present in the atmosphere and in paints it can also be used to preserve your health. So why deprive yourself of it?

Aloe has almost 300 species of plants in the form of rosettes, which are perennials with evergreen, belonging to the large family of succulents. Aloe Vera forms tufts composed of rosettes of gray-green leaves, lanceolate, fleshy, up to 50 cm long. They are ribbed, slightly serrated on the pink edges.

she is rather pretty and is not demanding! Tubular yellow-orange flowers form in summer, 3 cm maximum, aggregated in clusters.

Watering should be regular but moderate, about once a week. Ideally, water when the soil is dry on the surface.
Do not wait too long, especially when it is hot, as the plant could suffer.

If the tap water is too hard, choose some spring water or collect rainwater to water.
Prefer water at room temperature rather than too cool because the temperature difference can cause significant stress for your aloe vera.


Slightly reduce watering during the vegetative rest period.
Wait until the soil is dry for a few centimeters to water again and with room temperature water.

You will resume watering in the spring when the plant returns to growth.

Repotting is essential and must be carried out every 2 to 3 years in a pot with a slightly larger diameter.

There is no need to fertilize your aloe vera.

Aloe Vera requires only a rather poor soil, even a potting soil added with sand or soil for cacti. On the other hand, it needs an exposure in full sun.

Sowing is done in sand, in a greenhouse at 21 ° C. The suckers can be collected in May-June, by planting them in a mixture of potting soil and sand, and avoiding full sun until they are not well rooted.

Since the Egyptian civilization and the Maya, we know the cosmetic virtues of Aloe Vera as “source of youth”. The industry is not mistaken since Aloe Vera is found in many cosmetics for its softening properties.

Aloe vera gel has indisputable therapeutic properties.

To recover this gel, simply cut a sheet at the base and then cut it into pieces a few centimeters wide.

Then cut these pieces lengthwise and collect the gel that you can use in multiple ways.

We will detail the virtues of aloe vera in another article.

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