10 Best Dog Breed for your home

10 Best Dog Breed for your home


As they say, a dog is one animal that gets to earn a living by not working for it. All it does is charm you with its loyal, friendly, and protective nature and you might end up taking it home with you. This does not mean that all the dogs possess these same traits, but most dogs do and that’s what distinguishes from other animals. Dogs come in different breeds and according to their kind, they fit differently in various settings. Also, they come in various sizes, activity levels, and temperaments. These are the main things to look out for as you adopt these pets although in most cases your choice always depends on your taste. A dog’s temperament defines its personality, while the size and activity levels should be a selecting mechanism according to your current lifestyle. For instance, calmer and gentle dogs are more appropriate for young kids while the energetic ones prove to fit in nicely with older kids. It’s also important to take note that any dog type will need some form of home-loving training and you need to acquire one that perfectly fits in your budget. This is because, dogs require special care, time, and love. The following are some breeds of dogs that tend to be good for a home.


This is a very portable type of dog which means that it is very small. The breed can prove to be convenient for settings with little kids. However, it’s important to take note of any allergies as this type tends to shed and it will require more care in terms of hygiene. And, it doesn’t appreciate the presence of Woodstock birds. Despite all that, the Beagle is a very friendly and joyful dog which proves to be smart. Its active nature means it loves to play with anyone including other pets and also enjoys the outside more.


The collie is found in a lot of different kinds. These breeds are originally herding dogs that have very long beautiful hair thus this means that the hair requires constant care to stay in good condition. It’s popular for its high intelligence capabilities, sensitivity, predictability, and its double gentle and stubborn characteristic. Hence, with some good training, it will seldom behave inappropriately as it’s also a good learner. This kind is always looking out to make the owners happy and is highly gentle which makes it a perfect dog for children in any age group. 

Irish setter

This is a red-coated type of dog that’s highly active and loves to play. This means that you need to own a big enough space before considering acquiring one. The Irish Setter enjoys the company of children. It’s highly friendly even with visitors and can prove to be intelligent and easy to train. However, the breed prefers to be among its family at most times and tends to misbehave if it finds itself without them. Also, it’s active nature calls for a lot of exercises.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is a very portable breed that loves to play. This kind of dog can prove to be a very good companion. It generally loves people and hence it fits in with any age group from kids to adults. Also, it loves other pets and dogs and possesses a silky soft fur.

Golden Retriever

This kind of dog is mostly popular for its golden coats although these may prove to need a little more care. It’s generally an indoor preferring breed that loves to play games and requires good exercise. Besides being obedient and very kind, it also contains confident, patient, and loyal attributes.

Labrador Retriever

This is a very common type that can grow up to 80 pounds. This means exercises are very crucial with this breed although they require less care due to their short coats. The Labrador retriever is a strong, obedient, smart dog that enjoys swimming. It also fits in with people and other pets. Also, you need to have a big compound to accommodate this dog. Its other great characteristics are the fact that it’s protective, patient and you can surely rely on it.


This is a very distinctly unique breed due to its haircut. It comes in different kinds and is prone to shedding. You can acquire this type in the size of your choice as it comes in both small and big sizes. Despite the size, the poodle is highly intelligent, listens to instructions, and enjoys playing. The miniature breed tends to be selective while the standard breed loves to experiment.


The bulldogs come in small sizes and they tend to snore and drool. This breed will need more dental care as well as wrinkle cleaning. Their greatest advantage is that they can fit in both big or small environments in addition to being friendly, patient, and loyal. They are less active although they love people including other animals. 


This dog is mostly popular for its love for babies and extremely kind, gentle, and patient nature. It is also very protective and comes in handy in drowning situations due to its distinct ability to swim. However, this breed required more room, sheds, and drools. It prefers to be always around its loved ones and is so smart.


The Vizsla breed is a very perfect family dog. It has the nature of forming and maintaining strong bonds with its loved ones. It can easily be taught due to its attribute of being very intelligent in addition to being a great follower of instructions. It can also prove to be loyal, affectionate, and gentle. Because of it being highly energetic, it’s suitable for families that have older children and requires a lot of exercises.


In conclusion, the type of dog that different individuals prefer highly varies due to different factors. And on top of the breeds that we mentioned, there are also many other types that are very good for the home including the Bernese Mountain, Alaskan Malamute, Boston Terrier, and the Brussels Grifton.

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