Anti-aging response

Scientists have studied the effects of various exercise interventions on cells. In about 6 months, 124 people have been instructed to perform one of the following three methods: endurance training, HIIT or resistance training (using absolute free weights, weight lifting equipment, resistance bands or bodyweight exercise programs to increase muscle toughness). Some contributors were assigned to a specific treatment group and instructed not to make any adjustments to their exercise plan.

Soon after six months, scientists discovered that HIIT and endurance education (although not resistance teaching) enhanced telomerase exercise, but were useful for exercise and reproduction. Telomeres are the nucleotide sequences at the ends of chromosomes that protect our genetic data. When they shorten, mobile devices will become old. In the long run, HIIT and endurance training can increase telomere length, inhibit mobile death and have anti-aging effects.

Compared with the metabolic response of HIIT and drug resistance commands, the same success has been reported. Individuals were grouped by age (<30 years old and> 65 years old) and randomly assigned to one of the following training programs: HIIT, resistance training or a combination of both. After only twelve months, all training programs improved physical health, increased insulin sensitivity, and increased lean body mass, but the HIIT command enhanced aerobic exercise capacity and mitochondrial function, thereby reducing mitochondrial decay, thereby helping senescence.

For more mature adults, HIIT training is one of the most significant reversals in mobile growth. Participants over 65 years old noticed a 69% increase in mitochondrial respiration. The metabolic processes in the mitochondria convert energy into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the universal power source in the cell. In addition, the highest growth rate for adults under 30 is 49%. Resistance education did not show this effect in either age group.

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