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5 amazing health benefits of playing outdoors

You literally explode with joy! The ball has just shaken the nets. This is the first time you have beaten your 7-year-old son Julien on his favorite soccer video game.

Yet at this precise moment, you are confused. Indeed deep inside you hear this little voice which advises you to spend time outside with this sublime blue sky. Of course, we are in the middle of winter and the thermometer is just above freezing.

However, getting fresh air would be welcome for both of you. Besides, you were often outside yourself playing with your friends or playing football with your father during your childhood.

Go on hop, so you decide to immediately stop the sofa and the game console. And now, make way for real life in the great outdoors. You therefore offer a real game of football to your son in the garden.

This decision may seem anecdotal to you. However, you will discover in the rest of this article the unexpected benefits of playing outside on your health and that of your children.

1. Maintain your lynx sight

You have 10/10 on your 2 eyes? Well, you’re very lucky. Vision problems are becoming more common, especially among young people. The screens and our way of life are regularly on the dock.

An unknown factor reduces this risk of ocular deficiency in children. Indeed, a 2015 American study published in the very serious JAMA states that spending time outside can reduce the risk of developing myopia by 23%! A duration of 40 minutes per day spent outdoors is sufficient to achieve this result.

Myopia is explained in children by an excessive growth of the eye. This phenomenon is favored by the fixing of a screen or a book. Daylight works by stopping this growth. So to live without glasses, enjoy the sun!

2. Concrete bones and teeth

But what does our skeleton have to do with playing outside? It’s the light. You still do not see? Taking a sunbath allows our body to fill up on vitamin D. The latter plays an essential role in the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. If you lack calcium in the blood, it will be taken up by your metabolism directly from your bone structure. As a result, your bones and teeth are weakened with an increased risk of osteoporosis.

3. an iron health

Parents are often too protective with their toddlers. Have you ever heard a mother say to her child in a park, “Don’t touch that. Otherwise you’re going to catch germs. ” It’s a great classic of its kind. So what is it really?

Children must play in the great outdoors and in the ground. Thus, they will be in contact with bacteria and germs. Thus, their metabolism will become immune and they will be more resistant to diseases. It’s a real free and natural vaccine!

In addition, it should be known that the presence of micro-organisms is more diffuse outside than in our interiors, however so protective.

Also, several scientific studies demonstrate the beneficial effect of a bacterium called “mycobacterium vaccae”. It is present in the soil and acts on the human hormonal system and the immune system. In fact, this bacteria has the ability to activate the release of serotonin and dopamine in our brain. It not only improves your resistance to diseases such as cancer, but also helps reduce anxiety and stress. Unbelievable !

Finally, vitamin D, again, plays a decisive role in the activation of the immune system of children. 10 to 15 minutes of sunshine a day is enough to produce 80 to 90% of our vitamin D needs. We generally find the rest in our diet.

4. fill up with energy

Are you a coffee enthusiast to keep up your working days? Yes, and the capsule machine runs at full speed throughout the day. However, you would rather recommend orange juice and its famous vitamin C for your children. But did you know that there is a free and effective solution to recharge the batteries? It’s outdoor activity of course!

A recent test shows that 90% of people with regular outdoor activity see an increase in their energy.

Another study from the University of Rochester converges in this direction. Indeed, 20 minutes spent outside is equivalent to the stimulation provided by a cup of coffee!

5. Avoiding the scourge of Western countries in the 21st century

Did you know that more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight in 2016? Nearly 400 million children were also overweight that same year. And this phenomenon is galloping. Statistics have tripled since the 1970s. France is not spared with 15% of the population in obesity!


The problem is serious and must be taken care of as early as possible from childhood. Indeed, being overweight before the age of 5 is stored until adolescence.


To burn calories, there is nothing better than running, jumping or kicking a ball. Playing outside is ideal. Indeed, the outdoor space is conducive to movement and games. A duration of 60 minutes of outdoor activity per day is recommended for children by the medical profession.


Besides, take the opportunity to accompany your children and take care of your line.


The final word

You now know some health benefits of playing outside. But the impact of this activity does not stop there. We could still have discussed the benefits for your children on their motor development, their intelligence, their social integration … In short, look no further! Playing outside is essential.

But if you fear the rain or the cold, listen to this last advice. There is no bad weather but rather unsuitable clothing. For example, wear hard-wearing boots and clothes for the harshest days.

Convinced? Share your best ideas for outdoor games and activities in the comments.

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