10 Richest Sportsperson in the World


Having all sporting activities postponed during the COVID-19 lockdown has made us realize how important sport is in our lives. Sport is a great conversation starter, icebreaker, and something to look forward to on the weekends. The sportspersons, those people we see on TV, have been collecting huge chunks of money the industry generates. And these 10 people on this list are the ones who collected the most. Curious who they are? Who is the richest sportsperson in the world?

  1. Michael Jordan (2.1 Billion USD)

He retired almost two decades ago, yet his name still rings in our ears. Michael Jordan is a legend, not just in the basketball world, but also among other athletes from different branches of sport. The interesting fact is that when he was still playing, athletes were not paid as high as now. If we count his net worth solely from his salary as a basketball player, this number goes straight down to 90 million USD only. So, where did he get his 2.1 billion USD net worth?

Most of the net worth is generated from his business venture. He is now the co-owner of Charlotte Hornets team of North Carolina. He also has his footwear brand, among all the endorsement deals he still got.

  1. Vincent McMahon (2 Billion USD)

Once a wrestler himself, he is now the CEO of the biggest wrestling establishment, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Every year, WWE generates around 1 billion USD. He is the man behind WWE’s huge changes. He made WWE the global phenomenon it is today. Decades ago, he was living in a trailer park. Now, he is the second richest sportsperson in the world with 2 billion USD of net worth.

  1. Tiger Woods (800 Million USD)

Even if you don’t like to golf or have never watched any golf tournament in your entire life, chances are you have heard of Tiger Woods. He was the best golfer in the world and now at 44 years of age, he is still one of the best. As a matter of fact, he is still one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Every year, he is still racking 9.9 million USD, stacking up his 800 million USD net worth!

  1. Magic Johnson (600 Million USD)

Like Jordan, Magic Johnson is bagging most of his net worth from his business ventures. Once a player for LA Lakers, he is now the co-owner of the team. With 600 million USD in his bag, he is the second richest person in basketball and fourth in the world of sports.

  1. Floyd Mayweather (550 Million USD)

He wouldn’t have the nickname “Money” if he hadn’t been so rich. With 550 million USD net worth, Mayweather is the richest athlete in the martial arts department. He may not be the greatest boxer of all, but he is the richest. He is known for his unique habit: carrying cash everywhere. One time he went into a shoe store and bought dozens of pairs. How did he pay them? He paid in cash, of course.

  1. LeBron James (500 Million USD)

After Jordan and Johnson, we complete our list of basketball players with James, even though he is more commonly known as LeBron. Unlike Jordan and Johnson who decide to venture off to the business world, LeBron is still in the basketball game. He is still one of the best. LA Lakers is paying him 36 million USD a year. Not to mention his endorsement deals that are worth 53 million USD a year. This also puts him as the 8th highest-paid athlete in the world.

  1. David Beckham (450 Million USD)

Some say Pele and Maradona are the legends of football. But this list of richest sportsperson in the world proves that it is none of the two. David Beckham was a global phenomenon when he played for Manchester United. Kids around the world proudly wore his shirt, and his number 7. He was so great that a certain free kick trick is named after him, “Bend it like Beckham”. He has now retired, yet he is still making money through his business ventures.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (450 Million USD)

Following David Beckham on our list is someone who also followed his footsteps in Manchester United. After Beckham left the team, United was lacking that speed and sharpness until they found Ronaldo. With a 65-million USD annual salary from his current team, Juventus, he is currently the 2nd highest-paid athlete in the world.

  1. Roger Federer (400 Million USD)

Who would have thought, after losing his World Number 1 title for years and surviving injury after injury, Roger Federer was back at the top. The grand prize money he won from tennis grand slams and tournaments is only around 7 million USD a year. But he had almost 100-million USD worth of endorsement deals. Federer is still actively playing and competing at the top.

  1. Dwayne Johnson (300 Million USD)

He is last on our list, but he is more popular than most of the richest sportsperson in the world. Dwayne Johnson is more commonly known as “The Rock”. While McMahon was the man behind the screen, The Rock was the star inside the ring. Now, he is taking on the Hollywood challenge. He makes a movie after movie and bagging revenue after revenue. His filmography is filled with bestselling movies, from Fast and Furious franchise to Jumanji. This 300 million USD net worth of his will only grow bigger and bigger.


While we’re enjoying every goal, every slam dunk, every jab, and every ace, the richest sportsperson in the world is collecting all the dollar bills. These 10 people are without a doubt the greatest of their games. And their net worth backs up that statement just right.

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