10 Hobbies which can earn you money


Hobbies are great to pass the times. Besides work and study, hobbies usually say a lot about a person. Also, anything related to hobbies can be a great conversation starter, or even better, the perfect way to meet new people. But did you know that you can make money out of your hobbies? In this day and age, this is more than possible! These are the 10 hobbies which can earn you money:

  1. Playing video games

Most of us grew up playing video games. For decades, the gaming industry has been perfecting the gaming graphic, stories, and everything else it in. Nowadays, video games are not just for kids. Some are designed for adults with complex stories and even gruesome graphics. Video gaming has its following. A lot of people benefit from this not just in terms of having fun and spending leisure time. Here are some of the ways you can earn money from video gaming:

  • Compete in a gaming tournament. Some of the most popular tournaments, such as Counter-Strike, can win you thousands of dollars.
  • Review newly released games. Either hired by the gaming company itself or creating your review, you can make money out of it. Post your review videos on YouTube or Facebook and you can start earning money from your page.
  • Recording your screen while you are playing. Sometimes we face an obstacle that we cannot solve. What do we do when this happens? Google the answer. You can make one of those videos appeared on the search result.
  1. Taking photos of your pets

Even before social media becomes as popular as today, pet photos and videos have gone viral through emails. People just can’t seem to get enough of the cuteness. If you have a pet, you would understand why. Sharing photos and videos of your pets can be one of the easy hobbies which can earn you money! Build a good following on Instagram and Facebook to start making money from those thumbs up and likes!

  1. Drawing or sketching

Since centuries ago, art has been a prestigious field where people can make a living from. You don’t have to be as good as Leonardo Da Vinci or as crazy as Vincent Van Gogh to make money. You just need to create a platform to promote your drawings. Here are some ways to earn money you can consider:

  • Tell your friends and family that you take commissions. Offer them to draw or sketch their photos or anything else they desire. Sooner or later, you will have a good following to set up your store.
  • Use your drawing and sketching skills to design T-shirt prints. Some online stores let you design them yourselves. Work your magic and let the store sell your design!
  1. Singing

Who doesn’t love singing? Even though only some of us can truly sing! Besides singing and performing at cafés or bars, you can also make money from your singing videos. Add some creativity, and soon you will get more likes and subscribers than you could ever imagine!

  1. Playing sports

Do you like playing football? Do you have some football tricks that you want to show the world? Record, edit, and publish! Even fail videos can earn money. If you’re good at it, why not let the world know?

  1. Doing yoga

In case you haven’t noticed, there are so many online yoga classes available online. However, those are not free. You have to sign up with a subscription plan to join the whole class. Besides, these classes are more suitable for intermediate or advanced yoga practitioners, not for newbies. If you are an active yoga practitioner yourself, why not make your video? Record your daily routine doing yoga and share the videos with newbies around the world.

  1. Going to the gym

Thinking to work that abs or simply toning your body? Record your progress through photos and videos. Once you succeed, showcase your success through these records. Likeminded people will be interested to follow you. Even better, you might get a call or two from health or gym products for awesome endorsement deals. Did you know that gym influencers can earn thousands of dollars a month?

  1. Makeup arts

Just like art itself, makeup skills can be fascinating. Start with a simple tutorial video on a morning makeup routine and work your way up to creating fabulous makeup for a night out or even costume parties. Once you become good at it, dozens of endorsement deals will come along!

  1. Writing

Like keeping a journal? How about turning it to stories you can publish on the media? Or write anything else you like. If you have heard of the SEO world, you should know that the demand for content writing is pretty high. Website owners are competing against each other to be on the top of the Google Search result. Use your finger-dancing skills to write for these websites. Or you can also start your blog to attract traffic and conquer your SEO world!

  1. Traveling

Share your travel stories through photos, videos, writing, and drawing. Many offline and online media work in the traveling niche. If you like to travel, you can contribute to their websites or magazines with your story. Like writing, you can also start your website. Why keep those traveling photos and stories to yourself if you can earn money out of them?


Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to work at the office from 9 to 5 every day to make a living. You can make money from the things you love doing, or better yet, the things you are good at. These are only 10 hobbies which you can earn money. Believe it or not, many other hobbies can do too! It is only a matter of finding a way to turn your hobbies into money-making machines!

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