10 Best Technological Discoveries till Now


We have seen how technology evolves very quickly for the past decades. You might have heard of a saying that goes “change is the only constant”. Science and technology have the potential to change our lives in the future. The new technologies cover very wide areas. These include health, agriculture, communications, and many more. Now let’s take a look at our list of 10 Best Technological Discoveries till Now!

1. Digital twin for agricultural

A digital twin is a software to anticipate response to changes, improve operations, and analyze and simulate real-world conditions. It’s applicable in agriculture to experiment with new methods of food production. This will increase crop yields and efficiency. By using a digital twin, we can monitor and minimize the ecological impact of farming. It also allows us to get a better understanding of the interaction between the natural environment and agriculture.

2. Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence

Artificial neural and machine learning are widely expanding in a few years back. Some big key players have been working on these technologies. Clouds-supported artificial intelligence tools will be easy to use and more affordable. It will also be accessible to various businesses, from logistics to manufacturing. Artificial intelligence is considered as one of the 10 Best Technological Discoveries until now.

3. Personalized medicines

These days we have the technology in the form of wearable devices, such as smartwatches. It gives us the ability to predict and treat health issues, even before we experience any symptoms. The breakthroughs in technology give us an understanding of how different our bodies to fight off specific diseases and how they react to different types of medication or treatment.

We are one step closer to have more personalized treatment approaches. Doctors can precisely prescribe the medicines and apply treatments based on the data in the devices. There will be new applications for a better outcome for individual patients.

4. Recycling revolution

For the past years, there’s an increase in public awareness about pollution caused by plastic that we use. More people believe that technology innovations for recycling are efficient in some ways. It includes reducing the environmental cost of the production of plastic and to cut the damage to the atmosphere.

One of the innovations is a new method of catalytic polymer ‘ingestion’. It helps to develop chemical processes and break down plastic refuse into parts. And these parts can be reused for the manufacturing process. This process will decrease the fossil fuels and carbon emissions from the chemical process.

5. Zero-carbon Natural Gas

Currently, most of the electricity used in the US is produced by burning natural gas. And this process caused carbon emissions. Engineers are trying to develop new methods to capture carbon released during the burning of natural gas. This method will also avoid greenhouse emissions and create new possibilities for clean energy.

That was five of 10 Best Technological Discoveries till now that will be very useful for our future. Continue reading more on our list.

6. Food supply chain

Those who are involved in the food supply chain need a system to manage the distribution of food resources. One of the systems is a network of sensor technology. This system works to monitor and track the journey of food from growers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers. It starts with recording the amount of food that is shipped from farms and ends with an accurate record of the number of goods that are disposed of by shops and grocery stores because it got rotten before it can be sold.

7. Babel Fish earbuds

Communication is important for humans. With so many different languages around the world, sometimes people have difficulties in communicating. With Babel Fish earbuds, people will have a natural conversation. The earbuds work by utilizing instant online translation. And it delivers in near real-time communication. People can access it through an application on their mobile devices or computers. The earbuds are not perfectly functioning yet and still at an early stage. But it makes communication in different languages getting easier in the future.

8. Genetic analysis of microbes and bacteria

For the past decades, we’ve found that microbes, such as bacteria are evolving. It can enter the food chain at any point – in farms, factories, and grocery stores. To reduce food waste and the human cost of illness due to contamination, we need to understand how they travel and interact with the food chain.

The new advances in the genetic analysis will monitor and track the spread of these microbes. And it will also give an understanding of the impact on human health.

So, what are the other 10 Best Technological Discoveries till Now that will impact our life? Check the last two in our list below.

9. Extended Reality

Extended Reality (XR) includes augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. This is how Augmented reality (AR) works: digital objects are projected to the real world using smartphone screens. On the other hand, Virtual reality (VR) blends out the real world by providing a fully digital experience. Through this, you enter a computer-generated world using your headsets.

The technology has been around for a few past years, but it has mostly been applied to videogames and smartphones. In the future, it will become common for training or simulation, as well as a new way to interact with customers.

10. Bacteria sensors

Another technological initiative developed to disrupt the damage caused by pathogens. The technology involves artificial intelligence mobile sensors that can be used anywhere, such as at home. It works by detecting dangerous bacteria, such as salmonella or E.coli.

The mobile sensors are developed for faster dangerous pathogen testing. It intends to use particularly in developing countries, where poor access to medical care can be disastrous.


That’s all in our 10 Best Technological Discoveries till Now. From the 10 inspiring lists, some have a long and wide impact on our lives and also to the world. Most technologies used for the greater good can save our future and also the earth. These technologies can be applied to a wide range of aspects, such as improve our health, reduce waste and hunger, and more. Surely, the technologies will always be evolving into human’s needs.

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